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Activities for Members

St George Photographic Society has many experienced photographers with considerable knowledge in all areas of photography who are more than willing to provide new members with advice and support. Whether it be on how to frame your prints or how to shoot a sunrise there will always be someone at St George who can help. Just ask our president or one of our committee members what you would like help with and they will connect you with the appropriate member.

Here are some of our activities.


Being judged

Evaluations of both prints and digital images are very popular. Members submit images which are shown to all.


Here we see an evaluator giving his judgements on prints, an aspect of photography enjoyed by many of our members.

Learning together

We own an extensive variety of equipment for workshops that encourage members to learn and experiment.

Workshops also allow members to socialise and exchange ideas.

Presentations to inspire

As well as demonstrating styles, techniques and innovative ideas, experts present their work on a variety of subjects.

My Photo Club (MPC)



MPC is an organisation that serves many Australian photography clubs. We greatly appreciate the system provided for submitting and evaluating members' images which we use on a regular basis. We have our own space on the MPC site and, once they have joined, our members can view and partake in some other clubs' activities.

MPC membership is offered to all our members but is not compulsory. However, you must be an MPC member to be able to submit images for judging. The MPC site accepts visitors and if you would like to know more visit

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