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  • Any print or digital file that has not won an award in a previous society competition.

  • An image that has won an award previously may not be reworked and re-entered in any other category.

  • All Images and artwork must be created by the author.

  • All Images submitted must be taken by the author. Part of an Image that is added (such as a sky) that is not taken by the author are ineligible.


Work may be commercially processed; digital manipulation must be entirely the work of the author

Evaluations: Whether it’s a Digital or Printed Image a copy of the image must be uploaded to the STGPhoto portal prior to the evaluation Closing Date nominated by the Digital Secretary (normally 1 week prior to the evaluation).


  • Maximum Width: 1920 pixels

  • Maximum Height: 1200 pixels

  • Maximum Size: 3 Megabytes (or 3072 Kilobytes)


In order for the club to maintain a high standard, prints must be presented on a 50cm x 40cm (20" x 16") Mat Board and it is advised to use a backing board of equal size. The Mat Board can be of any colour and the size of the cut-out can be according to the size of your print but within the size of the mat board. Prints can be submitted in Portrait or Landscape and it should be noted that evaluators (at their discretion) will also judge your image based on its presentation. The club usually maintains a stock of Mat and Backing Boards that can be purchased via the Treasurer for $10 each.

Portrait (16x20”/40x50cm) Landscape (20x16/50x40cm)


Note: Print uploads are purely for the purpose of record keeping, award tracking and for our website gallery display. Your Print must be present at the evaluation otherwise it will be disqualified.


Images uploaded on the STGPhoto portal can be deleted, re-submitted or changed by the author up until the evaluation closing date.


FILE FORMAT: The Portal will only accept JPG file formats. All other formats will be rejected by the Portal.


  • DIGITAL/PRINT: A maximum of 4 images in Colour or Mono in any combination.


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